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Hello Curly fam, I wanted to get feedback about my hair type. I believe its a 3b/c and probably mixed with something else too Thanks in advance for your curly wisdom. I've placed my fokti link to view pictures:

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Hi if your hair is dry. I would say 3c/4a. If your curl dries tighter you are a 4a 4b. Loose curls tend to dry loose. Kinky hair starts off loose but eventually dries really tight. Does this make sense?
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Thanks for the feedback. On the pic, it is damp but tends to stay at the same size when dry. Also if I don't put any product on my hair in about a day or two, it will dry straight as if it's been blow dried. Hope this helps in understanding my texture. Your feedback helps, and I'm leaning now more towards 3 C. I saw where the size of the curls for that category is about the circumference of a pencil or straw. It says this types hair is usually harder to blow dry than 3b or 3a, but my hair is extremely easy to blow dry. LOL, maybe because it's a fine texture. So much to Learn

p.s. The pics with teal shirt is my curly hair in a dry state.
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Thank you much for the feedback. Happy Curls!

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