Why shouldnt you comb your hair out the shower

So once you get out the shower, and the hair is wet, why is it so bad to put in product and comb it through with wide tooth? Does it make the curl pattern looser? If so, I WANT this. Does it make it tighter? Does it get rid of clumps? Does it cause frizz? What? Please answer, thanksssss
Since you're coming out of the shower with already detangled hair, it's fine to add a leave in conditioner and/or gel and use a wide tooth comb (gently) to distribute product. What causes damage is combing dry, with no added product to provide slip.

On my hair, using a wide tooth comb to distribute product after a shower promotes clumps (which my hair tends to do on its own somewhat) but does pull out some curl. My 3a pieces look more 2c, for instance. Since I usually want curl, I scrunch to reform curl pattern on days I use a wide tooth comb. I've never had it cause frizz on soaking wet hair. It does tend to smooth out any existing wet frizz I might have and corral any shorter hairs into clumps where they should be.
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For my hair it is best if I de-tangle and comb when I am in the shower using a conditioner, this method causes the least amount of damage for me. For curly hair combing while your hair is wet is fine, combing while dry tends to cause damage.

I think how your hair reacts to combing through the curls depends on the curl pattern and hair type. I can comb as much as I want and not loosen my curls at all, my curls actually separate from their clumps when I comb through them and it helps me get more separated spirals which I prefer. If you comb your hair wet you shouldn't get too much frizz but if you try to do it when your hair is slightly damp or dry then you can cause frizz.

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