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Sweetest_Tabu 11-21-2012 07:45 PM

BC almost a month ago...issues now
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Okay, so I did the BC on October 28,2012 after letting my hair “breathe” a couple months from wearing weaves andwigs and I LOVE it. When I first got it done, the products I used werefrom the Organics Root Stimulator collection and I loved the way my hair felt.So i was doing research on natural hair, online, books, you name it. And I readthat the natural products are better for your hair but who really knows how “natural”certain products are if you don’t see them created or make them yourself. Wellanyway, let me cut to the chase, as I was saying, i started off washing withOrganics products: shampoo, conditioner, shea butter, moisturizer, even theedge control gel and I loved my hair, minus the edge control which flaked oncemy hair dried :( but then i ventured over to Carol’s Daughter’s “Natural”products. Thats when the problem started :(

I’ve been washing with the CD black vanilla line (shampoo,hair smoothie and leave in cond.) and moisturizing with the peppermint elixir,hair milk, hair pudding, and the pomade on my edges (not all at the same timeeveryday lol) So i did the ACV rinse and started using the CD products....nowi find that when i wash using the BV shampoo, my hair feels gritty and rought. The conditioner smoothed it out a little but that "grit" feeling is still there, and eventually my scalp starts to itch and im notunderstanding why....even after I moisturize.

What am i doing wrong, or what should i do differently?
Doesanyone else use Organics Root Stimulator and Carol’s Daughter products?
Whatare your experiences?

Thanks in advance for the responses.


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