Looking for new, cheap, no-protein, very moisturizing conditioner for co-washing

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must be drugstore, or MAYBE natural food store if it's cheap enough - as it's not always easy for me to get to Sally Beauty Supply. Seems like the Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut conditioner I've been using for the last 3 years has changed and someone says it has more protein in it. My hair needs lots more moisture than protein.
Also, I'm looking for a good no-sulfate, no-silicone inexpensive shampoo. I have very thick, angled bob-length 2c-3a color-treated hair, so any of this stuff has to be color-safe as well. Not ready to go grey for a long time yet! Thanks for any suggestions!
Suave refreshing waterfall mist and lavender lilac are protein free and very moisturizing. Those are my go-to's.
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Aussie cleanse and mend conditioner works well for co washing i'm protein sensitive and use this conditioner and aussie moist conditioner to is very moisterizing.

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Thanks LISA LISA - I'll check those out at Walgreen's. I had bought a new bottle of the Tropical Coconut variety and hadn't opened it. I still have the receipt, so I can exchange it for one of the ones you suggest. I'm liking the idea of the lavender-lilac one!
To anyone else - any suggestions for a cheap low-poo(no sulfates, no silicones?) I was looking at one of the Organix ones, like the coconut one that I think I've heard some people here mention.
Not sure how color safe it is, but Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle shampoo is sulfate and silicone free and is $2 or 3 per bottle

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Thanks, mooglieboo, but it's really important something also be color-SAFE as well as having no sulfates, silicones or proteins. Not about to give up coloring any time soon, so it's still important. Anyone else with ANY thoughts, pretty please? TIA!
What makes something color safe? Lots of Suave Naturals and VO5 conditioners are protein free. Tresemme Naturals is a good cowash too.
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@asianrunner - The term "color-safe" means that the product won't strip out color that's been added to the hair. Of course, hair color fades with time anyway, but color-treated hair will fade a LOT faster if products that aren't color-safe are used on it. The challenge for us color-treated curlies is to find products without the evil sulfates and silicones, but are color-safe. So many traditional color-safe shampoos and conditioners have silicones in them
I know you said cheap but I'm not sure your price point. I love yes to cucumbers conditioner. It's for
Colored hair, very moisturizing, sulfate free, paraban free, silicone free, and I believe protein free. It's 9.99 at target but comes in a large bottle. It's thick but creamy at the same time so I find I use less.
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