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strawbegone 02-08-2007 03:14 AM

Had you HAIR CUT DRY...Anyone?
I've been scanning the boards for anyone that's had their wavy/curly locks cut DRY. I'd like to know your experience with it. Did it turn out better or worse than a wet cut? My last haircut was just so-so and I'm looking into going to someone that's experienced with cutting hair dry. I know Ms. Massey believes in this cutting technique for us curlies. But I'm not a full curly, my canopy is just wavy with the underneath having the most spirals...would this be a good option for me?

Any one wanting to express their experience(s) with a dry hair cut, please post, or lead me where others have posted in the past.

Thanks :)

curlsofny 02-08-2007 06:58 AM

I had my hair cut by a Deva trained stylist...had it cut dry. I have curly hair & lots of it & find this is so much better because just over a year ago, my old stylist cut so much off. I did not realize it right away since it was cut wet. Cutting it dry really allows you (and the stylist) to see how much is coming off. Nothing worse than thinking one inch is coming off only to find it's four!

sariroo 02-09-2007 05:54 PM

I don't get my hair cut by a Deva trained stylist although my stylist is very curl conscious and cuts mine dry. I think my hair has been much better since being cut dry. And I like knowing how short my hair is going to be when it is done.

banjocurl 02-09-2007 06:18 PM

carlos of devachan cuts my hair dry. i think it is a great method. go 4 it!

tinicurlyd 02-09-2007 06:33 PM

i get my haircut dry all the time . my stylist does a great job , i find that the cut comes out more better nd defined when cut dry .

Aries_jb 02-09-2007 07:26 PM

I get my hair cut dry all the time. I think it's the best time to cut hair because all the curls are not stretched out and they already fall in the place they normally do. Although, some people have parts of their hair that's curlier than others, so while a dry cut will make curls look good, the cut might look uneven when one straightens. I don't straighten though, so it's not an issue for me.

cunninghamair 02-10-2007 09:58 AM

Same as above! Used to get too much taken off, because my hair shrank up so much when dry. Also allows stylist cut individual curls. Give it a shot. Look through the salons on this website. I tried one, and she trimmed dry, then washed and showed me how to style.

kimmyc 02-10-2007 10:20 AM

I get mine cut dry from a Deva curl consultant. I like it better because I think they can tell and then keep the shape of the hair better this way. It seems like it gives them better control to look at and cut individual curls rather than just wet it down and layer it. I know that since I've been going to this stylist (about a year, maybe a little more) I can get away with going 4-6 months between cuts if I have too. No other wet, layered cut that I've had could last that long.

strawbegone 02-10-2007 12:15 PM

Thanks for the input so far everyone, I'm taking particular interest in those wavy/curlies 2a-3a's that have had their locks cut Deva style or dry.

My hair always turns out uneven when cut wet...ALWAYS! I have more curl on my left side and more thickness and less curl on the right so the right side always,always comes out an inch or two longer. Each time I'm having to go back to the stylist for a correction, sometimes I feel this seems to insult the stylist. I was hoping that maybe having my hair cut dry would end this lopsided effect! It's very frustrating! :x

a_quandary 02-10-2007 08:46 PM

cutting hair dry...
I cut my own hair and have cut the hair of many of my curly and wavy friends and I always cut it dry, curl by curl. For people who wear their hair curly, it's really the only thing that makes sense, in my opinion.
I cut straight hair dry too. Honestly, it makes sense to get your hair cut how you wear it. Where did the whole wet haircutting thing come from anyway?

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