making your hair look wet

hey everyone,

i really like my hair when it's wet, because it looks less thick than normal and it's not frizzy or dry. I wondered if it is possible to have your hair look like it's wet without it really being wet, like are there products i can use to get my hair to look like that?
It would help to know what kind of hair you have. My hair looks wet when I put oil on it, but it's very fine and wavy, and I'm not sure that would work for someone with coarse, super curly hair.

If you look up in "Hair Types" in the top menu, it will tell you how to describe your hair.
Averages out at 2b, ranges from 1c to 3a, very fine
Mane 'n Tail co-wash + leave-in
Clarifying shampoo every few weeks
Lavender Allergy

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