Today is naked day...

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Tell me about it!!! My hair is naked in my Avatar... It is also WET!! LoL! If I went product free my hair would just friggin EXPLODE or something.

It would be a tragedy. Oh the HUMANITY!!!!
Originally Posted by BlackAngelPlayah
HAHAHA I am starting to feel the same way. I'd be that girl nobody wants to sit behind... my hair would block the view. Naked is NOT the way to go for me. But it was an interesting experiment. BTW Playah, I like the piecy look of your wet hair. Do you ever style it like that?
Thank you Marci
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Wow I am amazed at the curls some of you guys get with no product. If I let my hair dry with conditioner only, it turns into a HUGE, frizzy mess.

Y'alls curls are lovely though.

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Wow, serious hair envy over here! I love your hair!!

Today was my naked hair day, too. Every Sunday I designate to deep conditioning and an oil treatment. But my hair is wrapped up in a microfiber turban so I have nothing to showcase. I will take one soon, though.
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