How to lighten black henna?!

I recently dyed my hair with black henna. I now regret it but i know its hard to get rid of..I heard u can lighten hair using honey but im not sure how to use this method..Do i add it in my conditioner? how long do i do this to see great results? please help
From what I've learned about henna, black henna isn't really even henna; it's actually indigo. That being said, don't bleach, or it can turn your hair green!

Someone mentioned using L'Oreal Effasol Color Remover to get it out, but that sounds pretty unsafe. The first henna I tried suggested using mineral oil to get it out.

However, both of those do sound kind of unhealthy for your hair. Luckily, I don't think henna/indigo is permanent, but I may be wrong. You could use honey and lemon juice because those are both known for their lightening qualities. How to Use Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair: 10 steps - wikiHow This website might help.

Good luck!
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Black henna? I'm afraid I don't have good news for you. This is either indigo – as dresdendoll said – and if you try to lighten your hair it will look green OR this is not a pure vegetable dye but a mix with metallic salts. If this product had metallic salts, dying your hair with any chemical dyes will result in BAD. Your hair could melt off. I disagree about using lemon to lighten your hair. I think you first need to find out what's in this dye!

What dye did you use? Can you give us more information on the brand, ingredient lists, etc?

As a side note, henna ONLY dies hair RED. Any other "henna" color is adulterated with other vegetable dyes (likely cassia, indigo, walnut) or metallic salts.
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Yes please find out what you really used - it was not pure henna!

If it was henna & indigo you might be able to lighten it. I've heard of people going lighter with chemical dyes after henna + indigo with little to no problem, but it depends on what you used and also great understanding of hair color and probably some luck.

Also I know a few women who have lightened henna & indigo with honey overtime. I used a henna & indigo mix and have been using honey and noticed it getting a little lighter, but it's still red toned.

If its something that has metallic salts, I definitely wouldn't try going lighter with anything. For a while. From what I understand that could be dangerous.

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