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kfierce 11-27-2012 01:58 AM

WOW so many vitamins, what to REALLY take, too many posts!
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I have gone through a GOOD 50 posts in the past month looking about vitamins, everything is always mixed.

Let me start with i have no idea what my type my hair is lol.
I'm gonna say 3b-3c and lightly 4a in the back..
I did a big chop april i think. It now pasts my shoulders by maybe an inch.
In all fairness i didnt keep up with vitamins.

A lot of people say take BIOTIN and MSM for hair.
Well i have chewable biotin ( 21 and yet im a baby lol)
And msm i am now gagging when i drink the MSM powder even
when i cant taste it. Ihear some people can only handle the pills

I looked up GNC hair skin and nails ( it says WOMEN)
it has 100MG of MSM ( is that a lot? or not enough?)
Also has 3,000MCG which is 3mg right?
It looks pretty good with other vitamins
Can ANYBODY tell me how big the pills are before i spend 20-25 dollars on it?

Are they the size of a regular advil tablet, or a little bigger than birth control. ETC. :confused::confused:
( i attached a pic of the vitamins i found)
also are the GNC ultra nourish i think its called bigger or smaller than those?
OR if anybody can recommend pills/chewables with biotin and MSM please let me know, only if they arent big! =-(

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