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curlygreek63 11-27-2012 06:10 AM

I don't know what to use on my hair anymore??
I got a really bad cut and dye from a salon, it completely frazzled my hair and gave me triangle head curls, I've almost completely lost the curl from my roots. Not to mention the fact that the hairdresser gave me really weird layers and now the top layer is like 2c waves and the bottom layer is 3a curls, it looks really weird.
It's taken me a whiiile to grow my hair a little longer and get it a bit healthier. The problem is I have no idea what to use on my hair anymore!

It's gone from solid 3a curls to 2c curls! It's also just reaches my shoulders, the rest in in my sig (I've completely forgotten how to change it, anyone mind reminding me? :p

I can't seem to find the right product, nothing seems to hold my curls well enough and give them definition without becoming sticky and leaving a lot of build up. I'm currently on a modified cg method because the original didn't work very well for me. So any advice what products or methods I should be using to get my hair back to being healthy and controlling frizz so the curls are defined?

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