This is a repeat post from the no-shampoo room, for those curlies who don't visit that room.

After several posts trying to figure out why my waves are drooping and after doing a bit more research, inspired by HalfWavy, I found a web site which was very helpful to me.

This web site is a commercial one, and it sells products. Please realize I'm not linking to endorse the products. It is the hard water info that I liked. It was simple and I like the graphic that is towards the bottom.

After HalfWavy explained how hard water can impact the conditioner I'm using, I wondered how many were like me and didn't really know if their state is even prone to hard water, or what can be done to rectify the matter, and how to learn if your own particular water is hard. I found quite a few links with info, but liked best the one I'm posting.

Halfwavy, thanks for inspiration and the info!

There's a graph near the bottom of the page. In one of the paragraphs before the graph, there's information about how to order a free test kit.

Between this and the information about fatty alcohols, I"m learning something!
fine, wavy hair with lazy waves. Sometimes lanky spiral curls underneath when the weath is very humid. My waves are capricious like me! Presently using Burt's Bees condish, FOTE AVG with honey or Mop Top gel.