trying a new hairdresser and then returning to the "old" one?

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I usually find a hairdresser I like and stick with him/her until something changes - usually either they move or they no longer satisfy me. Then I look for someone new.

If you've "cheated on" your hairdreser and then returned to him/her, what do you tell them?

Just wanted to try this person?
Used a coupon offer?
Was out of town and needed a haircut?
Wasn't sure I was that happy with your work so wanted to try someone else?
I told mine the truth: his salon was closed due to a power outage, and then he went out of town, so I went elsewhere.

In retrospect, I'm not sure I should have said anything........why should I explain myself? I'm not a big believer in stylist loyalty, although politeness is almost always required.

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IME you really don't need to tell the hairdresser anything. You're back, and that's what matters the most to them. OTOH, if there was something in particular that made you go elsewhere, you may want to discuss that with him/her. It could help improve your experience with him/her, and it might also help the stylist to retain clients in the long run.

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I'd probably say something along the lines of the new stylist being recommended so you thought you'd give it a go.

Agree with the others though, you shouldn't really feel obliged to say anything.
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