Hair type?

I really have no clue as to what hair type I am, according to the Andre system. I think I'm about a 4a/b. What do you think?

80% Dry
100% Dry.
Bird Eye View.

Btw, my hair is back in a pony tail in those pictures and ignore the typical myspace-iness of those pictures, I know, I'm not pretty.

Thanks in advance!
haha, my ah-mazing hair journey..
Oh hush! You are pretty. Yeah, I would say you are a 4b or c for sure. It is very pretty.
Hair type: 3A/3B Short, Use KPAK Shampoo & Conditioner...Also use finger diffuser.

Love, Kelly
Thank you =] And there's a 4c?
Explain pleasee.

haha, my ah-mazing hair journey..
Oh, well, maybe not...I am kind of new at this too. LOL Didn't want to confuse you. But I would definitely say a 4 by the description I read. Anyway, ttyl.
Hair type: 3A/3B Short, Use KPAK Shampoo & Conditioner...Also use finger diffuser.

Love, Kelly
I'd say maybe a 3c/4a. Your curls in the back seem looser than what is considered 4a by Andre's system. Typing is all based on perception anyway, and his system is so limited. There are a vast array curl types and textures in between, so don't focus too much on it. Also, it's hard to tell since the majority of your hair is straightened(relaxed, I'm assuming). If you still have relaxed pieces, you really won't know until it's cut off and when you have alittle bit of length. My texture has changed quite a few times since doing my big chop in '03.

I'd recommend looking through some of the albums in the 3c, and 4-types forum. You may be able to find someone with similar hair.

Welcome to the site, btw.
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