Acme grocery store has the new vo5, suave and l'oreal


I just got back from grocery shopping. Guess my subject line says it all

Acme has both new V05 conditioners (the clarifying ones), the two new Suave gels and the L'oreal cone free conditioner. The L'Oreal conditioner is actually on sale this week for $3.99.

So if you're in the PA/NJ area, have fun shopping! For some reason I did not think to search in a grocery store for new products. The Rite Aid, CVS, Eckerd and Walmart near me do not have any of these!

I was good and didn't buy anything. I have a ton of conditioner for co-washes and gels to use up first.

What L'Oreal conditioner is it?
And thanks for the tip. I'm in NJ.


It's L'oreal Vive pro, and it's in a very pale pink bottle...I think it specifically said it's for curly hair. There is another thread talking about it in the general discussion titled "L'oreal Pro Vive Conditioner-No Cones."


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