Yuck! I used too much conditioner in my hair!

I searched for this topic and mostly found gals who had product build-up. I don't know if that's what I have or not.

Every time I wash my hair (every 5 days) I sleep in Heaven in Hair the night before after washing it and my curls look fantastic the next day after rinsing and putting my other products in. But today after doing this my hair feels and looks terrible - is flat and sticking to my head. I don't know if I used too much HIH or too much OneCondition. I'm never sure if I'm rinsing the HIH out or not.

I need to wash it right away. I've seen "clarifying" shampoos mentioned, but I don't know if I have build-up or I just put too much in!

Can I just use my old shampoo with sulfates to get everything out and then just use the OneCondition as the leave-in again?

Don't know what is best to do.
I did the same thing and just invested in a clarifying shampoo. I bought one today called Giovanni 50:50 Clarifying-Hydrating Shampoo. It wasn't too expensive, and it's sulfate-free. I plan to use it maybe once a week. I read that if a shampoo dries your hair out, you can combine the shampoo and some oil (I'll use apricot) in a 1:1 ratio and use that so it doesn't strip as much. I'll try that soon
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