I need help describing a haircut to a barber

I want get a tape up but I want the chuck of hair in front of my ear cut off because I'm tired of pushing it behind my ear. I also want the front a lil back so I don't have hair touching my forehead. Do you think they would have any idea what I was talking bout if I said that?
I would suggest finding a picture or a few of the individual things you want, or all of them, if you can, and if it's not exactly what you want, explain what you'd like different. or sketch it yourself If you can't do that though, I'd just ask them to take it slow and talk it over first to make sure you're on the same page. I've never had luck with stylists doing what I want, so if you want something specific I'd hope you're with one you already have some experience with (or ask them to cut it longer at first, so that you can check before it's too far gone to fix. Or do it yourself.)
I'm 15 now but I don't get on often so I may be 67 by the time you read this.
My name is Sarah.
I come on here when I want hair advice because if you type in "curly hair" anywhere, all you get is advice on how to curl it. I used to get on here a lot when I was like, 12 or 13 (and first figuring out how to stop straightening my hair without being bullied), so if you happen to see some older posts of mine, shh. No judging.

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