Plopping Ruined My Hair!

Every day since getting my haircut last week has been a bit better than the day before. Today, however, my hair looks horrible.

I did a co-wash this morning with half a lemon mixed with Deva OneC and then followed with Aussie 3 Min. Miracle, which I left on while I showered. I rinsed and applied my usual OneC and Angell while hair was soaked.

Decided to plop and did for about 10 - 15 minutes and when I took my tee-shirt off my hair looked (and looks) awful. My big round clumpy curls are all thin and the back of my hair is complete frizz.

I am thinking that perhaps plopping is not right for my hair and I would be better off using just a dryer with diffuser. Has anyone else had this problem? Any tips for plopping? I have watched the instructional video on Jessicurl, so I know I'm plopping the right what. What gives?
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So far Plopping is a no go for me too. It flattens the top of my hair and usually misshapes my curls.
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all I can say is trial and error the first couple of times my hair didn't do so well, but now that I got it down, it is definately a staple for me. Keep trying.
I've tried plopping several different times, using different products. I've tried it with a t-shirt and even the special plopping-size microfiber towel. I just don't get good results at all.
I can't not plop.
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I can't plop either. There must be an art to it I'm just not getting.
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Interesting - I guess I get the art of plopping, because it pretty much reclumps my hair from the bad things I've done to it. Its like it lets it sit in just the right way to get just enough water to smooth out any frizz I've scrunched in lately too. I'm planning on cutting my hair to shoulder length after graduation, but that means I can't plop (the back won't be long enough to go up)! I'm scared!

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Well, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's hair doesn't seem to not want to plop!

I think that rather than plopping I'll just do my usual scrunching with a tee-shirt or microfiber towel and will blowdry and diffuse since I know that works.
3B with some 3a. Fell off but am now back on the CG bandwagon and looking for my HG products.
Plopping is supposed to produce more tight, clumpy curls, and I need to loosen my curls a bit, so I quit plopping and my curls are clumpy but looser.
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