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I think I am a curly anomaly. My hair is VERY fine and 2b/3a. I have a long, thin face and need volume for balance. When I do all the CG things I can get nice spirals, but my hair is so fine that you can often see my scalp between them. It has something to do with the way my hair clumps: really good clumps=bald patches. It's like I NEED some volume to hide how fine my hair is. It's actually worse in the wintertime for some reason.

Does anyone else have this problem? If so, how do you deal with it? I have been straightening a lot lately, and the straightening hides this super-fineness. Any thoughts?
I have the same problem. I've given up my quest for clumpy curls because if my hair clumps you can see my scalp too - not a good look. It would never co-operate with clumping anyway so it's probably just as well I've given up! The only thing I've found to work is diffusing. If I air dry my hair still looks as if it's wet and you can still see my scalp so I have to diffuse which fluffs up my hair a bit and then - no scalp showing. It's a fine line though , as if I diffuse too long my hair gets too frizzy and big. I let it air dry as long as I can (usually an hour's the minimum I can get away with) then just finish off with the diffuser - about 5 mins.
I hate my hair to have too much volume, so it's all a pain in the neck really.
I know what you mean. My hir frustrates me more curly than straight, but it's healthier curly. I can't seem to win.
I rake my products in so my hair doesn't clump up so big and then scrunch to get the curl back. It gives me more volume at least even if the curls aren't as hugely clumped anymore
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I rake my products in so my hair doesn't clump up so big and then scrunch to get the curl back. It gives me more volume at least even if the curls aren't as hugely clumped anymore
Originally Posted by medusahair
I do the same. I'll take volume over perfect clumps any day. It just looks better on me that way.
I have the same problem, except that my face is round ! If I get nice clumps - or even ropey curls - you can see my scalp. I have a couple of tricks that seem to work for me besides finding a good gel that gives me volume.

First, I've been air drying until my hair is about halfway dry. Then I diffuse it standing up, then bending over, then standing up again. Gives me nice curls, waves, lots of volume.

The second little trick I've found is after I'm dry, I bend over and gather my hair at the crown and clip it with one of those huge jaw clips. I kind of pull on it once it's clipped very gently just to let the teeth pull my hair away from my scalp. I leave it in for just a few minutes - then take it down and fluff my hair from underneath. I still get nice clumpy curls with some nice spirals here and there.

As for gels, my favorites here lately is HE Body Envy, L'Oreal's Out of Bed (have to diffuse from wet to 95% with this) and the product I've been using all week and am just about ready to declare my HG product - Graham Webb Making Waves. I've had some great clumps, nice volume, soft hair and it's working for me day after day !

Anyway, hope some of those suggestions might help .
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