Hi everyone,

So I'm totally new here - I think I'm only around 2b/2c, my main problem with my hair is that it seems thicker than most people's, there's just so much of it! I'm trying to tackle one problem at a time so first of all I only recently realised that sleeping on a cotton pillowcase might be wrecking my hair. I've always done it because it's what everyone seems to do, but then again I've always noticed that when I wake up in the morning (I normally just tie my hair in a bun or something) the entire top of my head is just COVERED in all this horrific surface frizz.

So I bought a silk pillowcase over the summer - but it seemed to make absolutely no difference. I then tried wrapping a silk scarf round my head - I can't find square ones, but I own some that are like, a long rectangle - this seemed to actually work in stopping frizz (yay!) but the problem was it would never ever stay on my head during the night.

I've heard a lot of people say they use satin night caps and then I was browsing some posts on here a few months ago and someone gave a link to this website where you could buy - I'm not sure how to describe them - like kind of "tubes" of silk that you pull over your whole head. The brand had a name, but I can't remember what it was, and I can't find the post where I saw it. I was gonna try buying one as they look prettier than the caps and seemed to give good results...

EDIT: So I was doing more searching and I think what I saw on that other post was a "satinsakk" - they seem pretty expensive though, does anyone have one and do they work?

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