What can help my hair?should i cut my hair?

i am a african american and about two years ago i washed my hair with listerine because i heared it gets rid of dandruff.it didnt help at all my hair has gone from curly to really straight,thin,mushy and wiry.when my hair is wet and i run my hands through my hair when wet there is so much breakage.I have cut my hair a few times and even my new hair seems to grow back damaged.now i am growing my hair again im wondering should i cut my hair and find some products that can help or should i grow my hair and find something that can repair it.if anyone knows what i should do please help.
I don't know, but I suggest you try protein. My daughter's hair got really mushy and breakage prone when I put a texturizer in it. Now that she's transitioned back to natural and I've been using protein treatments once a week her hair is almost back to normal. It's much stronger and is growing in very healthy. I keep her hair in protective styles (twists) 24-7 right now, until I can grow it longer. It's a little past apl but it shrinks up to neck length in twists.

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