Hmm, maybe I'll stop putting products in very wet hair...

Jada - yep, that's it. I can only get the Sleek & Shine up here, and since I'm 3B, that works for me.

Wow. That is great some of you can use the GF alone. I think that's more a 2A-3A thing though. I am able to use GF as my single 2nd & 3rd day product though. It is just amazing in that respect.
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Krista, that's amazing that you can use nothing but GF Leave-in as a styler -- esp as you're a 3B. Do you live a really dry climate?
Yes....lately very dry. I live in western PA and we have been experiencing zero to sub-zero weather, depending on windchill, and the heat where I work is a very dry heat. And speaking of wind....don't get me started! My hair is weirder than anyone else I know. When the wind blows, my hair blows straight up in the air. Funniest thing. I never notice this happening to people with STRAIGHT hair.
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
What is GF? Garnier Fructise?
Originally Posted by jada1111
Yep .. but without the last "e" .
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curlyfran - GF has the Sleek and Shine leave-in and the Curl and Shine Leave-in. I think those are the only ones - they're the only ones I've tried anyway.
Originally Posted by LavenderCurls
There is also one for Color-treated hair, and that's the one I got a couple of weeks ago, but since I hated the smell (reminded me of soursop) I decided to add just a few drops of an essential oil (orange) and I don't know if that ruined it or maybe it was an "overkill" effect form having "washed" with a CO that had several e.o. already, but when my hair barely started to dry it looked like it was turning into a frizz ball. I decided to spray my hair lightly with another (liquid) leave-in and when my hair was fully dry and I "fluffed" it, it wasn't too bad.

Despite looking pretty creamy I was surprised at how light it was, I actually had to use more than I expected to and it didn't weigh my fine hair down. I'll try again when using a different CO, I also suspect that because the bottle was new most of the orange oil may not have mixed well and most of it stayed at the top. If it still doesn't work I'll try to see if it'll mix directly with one of my gels so I don't have to over-manipulate my hair, having to layer products totally defeats the purpose for me. I've also already had success with another leave-in (and a couple of regular COs used as leave-ins) without need of anything else so I only bought this to see if it would actually be better than them.
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