Anyone up for "No Shorter than Shoulder-Length"

I'd love to, but I doubt you're coming to Savannah for a cut. It took me forever to find a stylist who agreed that my hair looks better long. (Now if I could stick to a resolution about bangs...) Interestingly, though, as my 2b/3a hair gets longer, it also gets more spiral-y on the bottom. When straight my hair now reaches 2 inches above bsl, but when curly it's just past the break in my shoulders. Basically, the longer it gets, the shorter it gets when curly. And it's still wavy on top. Irritating.
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Oh, we do have similiar hair, but you are right, GA isn't around the corner from NJ! I'll have to stay strong...
I'll jump in too! I'm working to get my hair slightly longer than BSL (when Dry), right now its a few inches above BSL when dry. I really don't like he length it is now, it is taking everything in my power not to have it all chopped off again, just b/c I hate this growing out phase! ~~jax
2c or 3a Cut most of my hair off in July '12 and am working on regrowing it.
So how are we all doing with this? I'm still going strong and sticking with the plan!
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I'm joining you now! Last year I had my hair destroyed by someone who boiled it in bleach so I had no choice but to cut it off. In the back it's shoulder length, but it's shorter around the face.. partially because I had the hair framing my face and also the bottom layer in the back chemically straightened in April which just looks stupid now that I'm wearing it curly. Anyway, my hair is better the longer it is, so I'm growing it out now.
This challenge is exactly what I need to keep the scissors out of it!
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No way, I cant do it. My hair is almost straight when its at shoulder length and its just too much work to get it to look nice. Now that is only 2 inches long its fluffy and curly and pretty most of the time.
Count me in for sure!

My new mantra "I will not cut and I will not bleach"
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I am so in with this, and can relate to the getting it cut when it gets to an awkward length. Right now, the back of my hair is definitely shoulder length, and my front pieces are still a couple inches above, so it's a little awkward. But the curl is still good, and is more visible. And like many people here, my hair looks longer when wet. I haven't had my hair cut for more than 5 months now, which is the longest I've gone without a haircut for many years. Back in January, I had my hair cut, and although my cutter does a great job, it was way shorter than I really wanted, so I've only trimmed my bangs(since I look better with bangs, and know how to trim them)since then. My hair looks similar to babywavy's in degree of curl. You can bet that I'm going for a lot longer with NO other trimming. I'm aiming for January 2008, and see how things are going then. If they are still OK, I'm aiming for another 6 months, etc. I'm saving boatloads of money too, as it's $55 plus tip to get my hair cut, and I'm on a very low beauty budget.
And about the not having had it cut since last January, it doesn't look like I've gone that long. My hair looks like it's the same length as about 3 months ago. Does this ever change, in that hair actually looks longer as it grows? I know this kind of a strange question.
Unfortunately I gave into highlights in March. It did some damage, but not too much. I am keeping the length though. But I swear my hair never looks like it has grown at all!! I know it has, and I can tell when it is wet, but thats it! It is so frustrating!
2c or 3a Cut most of my hair off in July '12 and am working on regrowing it.
I bobbed my long hair in March or April, and now I'm trying to grow it. It's not even shoulder length yet, as I've trimmed and re-shaped once since then. I've decided not to cut in until December, but the only thing is I'm starting a new job in a couple of weeks, and I need to look professional...
pw: curlie
this has always been my rule
3b-3c CG
I experimented a bit in college with shorter cuts, and had a few I really liked, then I moved back hom and tried it again, and it was seriously the worst cut I ever had, think triange hair lady from Dilbert . That was in 2003 and I havent even had a trim since then (I know that bad) I'm traumatized.
I notice the other benefit to growing my hair out as long as possible is way less shrinkage. Well, more weight to hold my hair down.

I still have the semi-pyramid action happening, but at least it's a flattened pyramid. LOL!
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A major benefit of having long hair is that I can easily toss it up into a bun.

Some people consider having long hair tedious, but for me, it's so convenient. There's no such thing as a bad hair day when you have long hair and some hair clips, elastics, chopsticks, etc.
Visit my luxury and food blog, Good Luck Deluxe. I update it daily!

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