Anyone up for "No Shorter than Shoulder-Length"

I have gone from having super long hair as a child to a Halle Berry cut and long again. I keep flip-flopping, even though I know really short hair looks atrocious on me.


I would like to propose a challenge for any brave souls out there who are in the same flip-flopping boat.

If you're someone who knows your hair should never be shorter than shoulder-length, maybe this is for you. My challenge is a way to become more disciplined in this area.

When my hair is really short, I like it the first week or so, then I get angry and frustrated as it grows out, and dream of having long hair.

If I make a pact with at least one other person to never cut my hair shorter than shoulder-length again in life (no more bobs or pixie cuts!), I'll really keep my word.

By the way, shoulder-length means just that. No chin-length anything. When someone is facing you, they should not be able to see anything behind you from your ears to your shoulders.

It's a crazy proposal, I know. I was thinking we can even check in every now and again with moral support and encouragement. Is anyone game?
I'm game! My hair is almost shoulder length and driving me nuts at the moment. I've been growing it out for almost 2 years and got it "trimmed" (about 2 inches) about 6 weeks ago. I was just today eyeing the chin length bob of a coworker and deluding muself that shorter could work for me. I know, however, that if scissors touch my hair again any time soon I will end up getting it allllllll cut off.

Did you read my mind?!

My hair was short (less than 3 inches on average) until 2 years ago. Short was easy, but I didn't like the lack of options for styling, and I hated not being able to camoflauge a bad hair day (loving the ability to clip it up now!). I haven't figured out the curly hair of length thing but I WANT TO!

We can do it!!! Right?

I can certainly relate, reformed. My hair touches my shoulders. Now that it's this length and I've passed the awkward grow-out phase, I can just live my life without stressing over hair growth from this point on. Any hair growth past where it is now is gravy...icing on the cake.

People wonder how Indian women have such long hair. Easy - they typically don't mess with their hair and leave it alone, only trimming a tiny bit if absolutely necessary.

I am already planning my Christmas season updos!
I would like to try as well, In Jan 2006 I had waist length hair, then cut it above shoulder length, and have had it cut several times since then, I MISS my long hair so bad.
I'll jump in too. I'm constantly cutting off my hair, only to be miserable 2 weeks later. I was growing out my hair for my wedding in October of 2005. I had gotten it longer than I had in a long time. It was past my shoulders, which is a feat for me.

Then I decided sometime in January of 2006, that it looked ratty, and then some stupid hairdresser talked me into cutting it all off, and so I did.

Okay, so then I was so mad that it was short - so can you explain to me why back in August I chopped off ALL my hair, and gave myself a really short curly bob? I mean, it was cute, but I knew I didn't want it short, so why would I do that?

Okay, now it's probably reaching the curve of my shoulders/neck - so it's not quite shoulder length yet. I don't go to a stylist, I cut it myself, and i haven't done it since I chopped it all off in August. I've sworn that I am not going to touch it, I'm just going to let it grow. Since my last cut I've only done S&D's on my split ends, but I am determined to NOT cut it and let it grow long FINALLY. I've been on this obsessive cutting disaster since high school!
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I've done the same thing. I look at old pics from college days where I had long hair - way past bra strap. And then I cut it short. Since then, the longest I had was shoulder length. And then I get tired of it or feel that it's stringy and I get it cut short again. This last go around.... I was growing it out but got some bad cuts from a non-curly stylist and it was looking quite bad. I complained to my new stylist who is deva trained, and she said I had two options.... either let the short layers grow out to catch up with the longer ones OR cut the longer ones to match the shorter ones and start over.
I decided for the latter. I STILL don't know what I want!! I really like the idea of having longer hair but my hair is so fine and thin, it might not look good. I've gotten compliments on my new cut (shorter hair). UGH... What to do. The curl is much better shorter. So, I"m still in the deciding stage.

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Babywavy, your hair looks GREAT either way! It looks silky and soft.

When I was growing out my Halle Berry cut last year, the bottom half of my hair grew 3x faster than the top. So I cut the bottom half to be the length of the top half so my hair would be more blunt and have more swing as it grew out. I didn't want crazy layers. I wanted to be able to pull all of my hair into a ponytail, not have to gel down the top pieces. It worked! I now have shoulder-length hair that is full with NO layers or stray bits.

OK ladies, we have a deal. A deal is a deal - a promise. When our hair gets past shoulder length, we can NOT give in to the temptation to cut it to chin-length (or worse) or ear-length or shorter. The shortest we can go is back up to our shoulders.

I think all women look great with shoulder-length hair.
I'm in! For the past few years I've been trying to keep my hair trimmed to shoulder length. However, since I trim it myself I often end up taking off too much trying to even it out.

This challenge goes along well with my self-imposed "no cutting in 2007" challenge. I'm going for waist length (still got a way!) just to see if it is possible, but I know I never ever want it shorter than shoulder length again!
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Thanks Shiny!!

I'm also trying to grow out my layers. Something else I've been "trying" to do for years, but never succeeded. I'm sick of having the same old layered curly style that I've had since I was 16. I really need to stick with it so I can try something new.
~ the artist formerly known as babywavy ~

Please excuse any typos. For the time being, we are blaming it on my computer.
I'm in too! As a freshman in high school I cut my long hair into this cute short bob. I totally loved it so I kept getting it cut like that again. When I finally wanted to grow it out I would let it until it hit this completely awkward stage and so I would go in for a trim and then end up having all my hair cut back into a short cut. My hair hasn't hit my shoulders since freshman year and now I'm a senior. The last time I cut it was December and I liked it for like 2 weeks and now I want long hair!
I'm in as well!!!! My hair was the longest and waviest it had ever been, however i needed a change and was convinced to get it all cut off pixie style..i have done this many times before..grow then cut..but this time it was very painful..i loved my wavy long hair..short does not look good on me ever and is too much maintenance!!! So far i have been growing it out for 5 1/2 months and it is one of the most "painful" hair things i have ever had to wave has not totally come back as of yet..i am still "condition washing" and CG..these layers and going to take forever to grow out..i am trying to see how long i can go without a trim...

For me, i hope this will be the LAST TIME..i grow out and cut off my hair!!
I'm in!!! I'm trying to get my hair to a little below BSL anyway, but I'm game to say that I'll NEVER have hair shorter than shoulder length again!!!
3B Corkscrew... I'm back on the boards now! Just got The Big Chop on Monday, pics coming soon.
I'm in. My hair needs to be as long as my collarbone or longer. I kept worrying about it because I just hit 40, but I still look better with longer hair.
I'm in! My hair was almost to my waist and then I got the bright idea that I would cut it into a chin length bob. This was after my daughter was born, so I blame it on being postpartum! LOL...

Anyway, since then the growing out process has been painful and I can never manage to keep it very long. I have a deva cut and the longest part of the layers is to the very tips of my shoulders, but the bulk of my curls is to my chin really. I would love to have long hair like the picture of Shakira at the Grammy's that someone posted!
3B with some 3a. Fell off but am now back on the CG bandwagon and looking for my HG products.
Awesome! So we have a deal.

Remember our pact the next time you reach for the phone to call your stylist or before you touch those scissors, ladies!
Dude, I am so on board. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that has cut it all off so many times! It is about a couple of inches from shoulder length now, but I really want for it to get long again, at least BSL. I need all the help and encouragement I can get!
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Do we have any more takers?
Originally Posted by Shiny
Me! Me! Like Now, who is going to go to the hairdresser with me so that I don't let her talk me into anything foolish? Like csb, I'm a 40 (almost 41) year old 3a/2b who needs to keep a little length.
I'd love to, but I doubt you're coming to Savannah for a cut. It took me forever to find a stylist who agreed that my hair looks better long. (Now if I could stick to a resolution about bangs...) Interestingly, though, as my 2b/3a hair gets longer, it also gets more spiral-y on the bottom. When straight my hair now reaches 2 inches above bsl, but when curly it's just past the break in my shoulders. Basically, the longer it gets, the shorter it gets when curly. And it's still wavy on top. Irritating.
I'll try but I just don't think my hair grows any longer than the top of my shoulders.
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