Do you feel more attractive with curly hair or straight hair?

Definitely curly never been a fan of straight. Curly is wild, mysterious, happy, sexy, beautiful, voloptuous, etc
Originally Posted by Aqua_Lily
+1 and i get way more complements with naturally curly hair
Originally Posted by dee-nature
I get compliments on my hair all the time. Straight hair is not me. As my husband says - it looks like a helmet on me
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Definitely with curly hair. Even before going CG when my hair was dry and weird I still liked it better than when I straighten my hair (on special occasions). People would complement my straightened hair but I always felt it's like a wig, it's pretty but it doesn't complement my face or my personality, it felt like it belonged to somebody else. And since going CG I only straightened it two times cause I wanted a change and I forgot what it was like to be straight. The first time it was for my brother in law's wedding. Everybody was telling me how nice it looks and that I should keep it like that but the next day in the afternoon my husband said, aren't you going to wash your hair and make it curly again? you have no idea how happy I was!
The second time it was for a cousin's wedding. I washed it first thing in the morning!
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Curly all the way. I look bad in flat hair. My hair hasn't been straight since the day I bc'ed four years ago. And when I was relaxed I usually did rollersets.
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Honestly straight hair, but I don't straighten it. My hair is fragile if I use heat tools it ruins my curl pattern and I'm stuck straightening it. I think I just prefer it long and when you have 3C hair achieving long hair in it's natural state is so hard. Your hair has to 2-3x longer than someone with straight to 3A hair. I don't measure my hair by where it is when I pull on it, because that 's not how I wear it. I want it to be BSL unstretched.
Absolutely curly. I've only straightened my hair a few times but I felt weird, dull, invisible, and boring. I feel much more attractive, relaxed, vibrant, interesting, and "me" with it curly.
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
Definitely curly never been a fan of straight. Curly is wild, mysterious, happy, sexy, beautiful, voloptuous, etc
Originally Posted by Aqua_Lily
These. ^^

My head shape and facial features demand big, voluminous hair, and the only way I can achieve that look is with curls. I have a lot of hair, but it's super fine, so when it's straight, I look like a drowned rat--a hairless drowned rat. It doesn't hold a curl or style when it's straight, so curly hair it is. Also, don't have to worry about the elements with my curls. Plus, I don't have to worry about every hair being in place. I love having "bed-head" 24/7.

I think straight hair that has been styled or has some curls and waves is very nice, but I loathe stick-straight, flat-ironed hair on just about everyone. Hate it. It's really not a flattering look on anyone--and I'm primarily talking about people who flat-iron the bejeezus out of their hair, thinking it looks nice.

Like jeepy, I'm not "me" without my curls. They make me unique because everyone else insists on wearing straight hair. Aaaand, curls knock about 15 years off my face--who wouldn't want that?

I also hate flat side or middle parts. I see a lot of this with hair weaves and black women who wear relaxed, straight hair. I wore both hair weaves for years while I was growing out my hair and relaxers before that for many years, and my part was never flat. A part with some volume looks more natural, especially with a hair weave.
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Funny this thread is here today. I heat straightened my hair last night for the first time in years and I absolutely hate it!

It's not a good look for me (I don't think). I feel like I look like I have fake hair on my head (i.e. A wig or a weave). The weather is pleasant here today but I've got that "water is kryptonite" mentality going on and terrified of any undetected moisture in the air. I feel my "me factor" is gone...Meaning although I see lots of women sporting their natural coils and curls nowadays, I feel part of a bouquet with several unique flowers in the arrangement on normal days when my hair is not heat straightened. With my hair straightened, I feel I look like a clone of other women walking around with straightened hair. You know?

I'm ready to go back to my coils and kinks ASAP! : /
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I never EVER got genuine complements on my relaxed hair. Since being natural I've gotten so many! When I was locked, everyone just DROOLED over my free formed locs! And now being loose and curly, I get at least 1 complement a week.

Far as my feelings, I love my curly hair over relaxed. I don't even have any desire to flat iron my hair. My hair is just so easy and laid back. Why fuss with straightening? Plus, my big head doesn't look good with flat hair.

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Oh I agree about the volume. I definitely need volume, but as I live in the Pacific NW it's par for the course.

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