helpful clipping video!

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Styling Curly Hair - Part Three - YouTube

Especially at the very end, she kind of goes over the technique broken down.

I think part one or two had another thing about clipping, but I think this one (part three) pretty much explained it in a way I could "get".

Hope this helps, and sorry if it's already been linked somewhere else! (and no, I'm not affiliated with that salon in any way, I don't trust anyone near my hair with scissors lol)

2c/3a, fine, low porosity, long.
Awesome! I'm always looking for clipping videos cause I still don't quite get it. (but I'm getting there)
The Devacurl site now has some demos on different clipping methods here.
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Oh my goodness! I've been doing it all wrong. No wonder I never got into clipping. Thanks guys!
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* = HG

Thanks so much for this video! It really did help!
CG, High Porosity, Fine, Low Density, Medium Elasticity
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Thanks for this site too!
CG, High Porosity, Fine, Low Density, Medium Elasticity
Suave, V05, GF Go clean gel, ACV rinses, CO, and Gelatine PT.
I think I just watched all her videos! Seriously, these are the most informative styling and product review videos I've seen in a long time.
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Trying out steaming!
It was very nice of her to take the time to make those videos. The clipping techniques on the Deva site are good, also. I just found that I did not like metal clips, period, and that the roller jaws were fast, efficient, and almost fool proof.

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