Shedding? Does it slow down?

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I've been CG since Nov 15ish.
I am losing a LoT of hair in the shower. Like covers the drain and my hands, and my shower. Is this part of transition? Will it slow down? Do I need something and that's why?
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This is normal shedding. I was worried about that too when I first started CG but then I read somewhere that straight hair ( which is how I wore it before going Cg) sheds throughout the day and you dont notice it because it will just fall from your head .....or your hair brush will will grab onto those shedding hairs. With curly hair, your not running a brush through it and you won't lose hair throughout the day due to hair gel or other curl products that "hold" the curl. So, when you wash your curly hair, the hair that would have normally come off in a brush or shed throughout the day will all comes off at once. It just makes it seem as you are losing an abnormally large amount of hair all of a sudden when in actuality, its the same amount.
Hope that makes sense!

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I always shed more in the winter--a LOT more.

Also, if you're washing your hair less frequently now that you're CG, you'll see what looks like more shedding, but it's actually not. You're just washing the shedding hair out less frequently, so more accumulates between washes.

If you're going from wearing your hair straight every day to wearing it curly every day, straight hair strands fall away without you noticing. Curly hairs, on the other hand, get caught up in the curls and don't fall away from your head the way straight hairs do, so you see and remove them when you wash and detangle.

I hope this helps allay your fears somewhat!
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I shed quite a bit of hair, year round. I don't worry since I still have a ton of hair and there are no visible bald spots.
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