Anybody know how they get their hair like this?
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texturizer mostly, he has a naturally looser curl pattern. you might get lucky with a braid out. dampen hair, put hair in a bunch of big plaits, allow to set overnight, take out in the morning.
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I'm 3C and my hair will look like that if I fine tooth comb and brush it (not recommended for overall hair health) and then braid it. I'm essentially taking out my curl pattern and putting in a wavy one.

I don't do it now, but I use to do it when I was a kid. Your hair does have to be loose enough to pull straight. It might not be possible without heat if you're 4B or 4C.
Thanks I think I'll try the comb/brush braid out. I'm mixed, Italian mother and African father, so my hair forms an afro but it is really soft and much looser so I think it'll still work. I'm not sure really what my hair type is yet I'm still new here. :/
Any tips on doing a braid out?
Oh and did you do it with soaking wet, damp, or dry hair?
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Yeah it sounds like you have the perfect hair for it. Your hair does have to have some poof/texture. If not it will be flat when you take it out of the braids.

Wet hair or damp hair is the best IMO.

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Yup it does and thanks a lot. Two more questions sorry. Should I do a lot of braids, or just like 4? And twists or braids, like which is better for the loose look they have? Thank you so much u can't wait to try. (:
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I'd do medium braids. Not so small your hair looks crimped, and it will take forever, but not too fat cause the waves will loosen after a couple hours.

So braids about the size of a woman's thumb.

As for braids versus twists...I've never done twists a day in my life, so I'm not sure.

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