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Jas76 12-31-2012 03:02 PM

Porous, mod-cg curlies
Tried something old/new for winter with great results!!

I usually seal with MO, with gives me great results year round, but especially in the summer!

One day recently my ends were feeling particularly dry, so I broke out what used to be an HG years ago before I went CG. (I still used it after I went full CG, but discovered it didn't work well for me in that context, and hadn't touched it since!)

It was Vo5 hairdressing! Instead of mixing MO with some LI, I added a pea size of the VO5HD, and sealed with that.

My results were fabulous!! No frizz, nape tangles handled, curls defined - and they lasted to 3rd day!!

I can say it was harder to SOTC, but I lost NO hold once I managed to do so!!

If you do try it, go EASY on the amount! A little goes a LONG way!

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