Viscose fabric?

Hello! I just joined NC and have been browsing this website for about a week now. New to the CG way of life and so far loving it! My hair is starting to look so much healthier . The only thing I haven't done is get myself a satin silk pillow. I've been using a cotton sateen instead of regular cotton, and while it is a tiny bit better, I want to abandon cotton completely. I have an old dress that I never wear and it's made of 100% Viscose. I was wondering, since Viscose is a soft, satin silk like fabric, if I could maybe just cut that up and sow it into a pillow and use that instead of purchasing an expensive silk pillow? And if not, are there any other alternatives? What do you gals use?

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Viscose, is like rayon, which is made from cotton & man made fibers. I wouldn't try it because when you wash & dry rayon, it shrinks & wrinkles, and in a funny way.

I got my silk pillowcase off of amazon for $20. Then I got my husband a satin pillowcase from Sally's for $5. So you might want to check those places out for an inexpensive satin pillowcase.
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Viscose is nylon.

No synthetic fibre comes close to mimicking the properties of silk, however similar it may look.

I got silk pillowcases at Dharma Trading Company. Their prices are excellent, their customer service is incredible, and their shipping is amazing. NAYY

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I have a polyester satin pillowcase and one that's silk. My silk case can't hold a candle to the poly one--it's much softer and gentler on my skin and curls.

I got mine from Amazon for about $20. My satin one was $5 from Bed Bath and Beyond. For the price, the satin one is fine, but the silk one is definitely superior.

ETA: the cases on Dharma are definitely cheaper than other places and they look nice. If $13 seems steep, think of it as an investment--my silk pillowcase has held up very nicely over the last year of washings.
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