Crazy hair....combination type

I have this hair that I used to think just had an annoying wave. When I began trying to help my dd manage her curly hair (unsuccessfully at the time), I learned about CG. Since then, my hair has changed. I have hair that runs from 2?-3a. My problem is that if I get most of it running towards the 3a side, I have pieces that just look odd because they are either straight or long with a curl at the end. So if my hair is in long corscrews and s curves and c curves (sorry...I have no clue what the proper names for them are) these straightish hairs look completely out of place. It looks as if I curled my hair with an iron and forgot a few.

I was thinking today...wondering if it would help to go and get a curly cut. I am a little afraid. Every person who cuts my hair sees straight and pulls it straight and never listens to anything I saw. Hence, I try not to get my hair cut if I can stand it. So the thought of going to a curly place....well, first there is the $$....and then there is the thought of....what if they laugh because I am wavy?

I am so much happier with my hair now...even with its weirdness...because I am no longer fighting and spending hours to get it looking perfect, just to walk out the door and have it flop or look like a mess.

I'm just not sure how to be happy with these odd hairs.
sounds like you are a typical 3a -- mostly 3a,some 2, and even a few 3b curls. even if you were a wavy, a wavy is curly.
YES, a curly haircut will definitely help. try to get someone with good reviews (look under salons on the menu above, put in your location). then call the salon, ask if the person has curly hair and does she/he wear it curly? that is a good indication. if they wear it straight.....
and ask the price. the price range varies greatly, i think it mostly depends on where you live.
also, make sure you specify LONG layers, or long pieces, when they cut. and be specific and make sure they tell you what it will look like, especially length, when they are done.
there is a thread on the stylist/salon forum called, "what should i tell my stylist" that is extremely helpful. it was started by a stylist on this site. it's either at the very top with the 'stickies,' or just do a search for it.
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I know exactly how you feel. That is EXACTLY my hair. I just posted a pic earlier with this same issues, it just wont come together.

I totally get you.
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