Bangs for 2c loose wavy hair

Hey i'm new and the reason i joined is to ask for opinions about getting bangs for my wavy 2c hair, it's kinda straight from the top and it's pretty curly towards the bottom ..

I have naturally straight hair but ever since i moved to a much colder,dry country my hair started to curl!( i used to live in a hot humid place and my hair would frizz but not anymore now.. ) I used to have bangs and now i'm wondering if i should get them again cause i'm afraid they might curl; or there's a good chance that they might go back to being straight?

I really appreciate it if you guys tell me what you think, thanks so much!
I have wavy to curly hair but also a big forehead lol so I have bangs. I do my normal routine & scrunch to get my waves (I wish I had more!) but then I blow dry my bangs with a round brush. I have a friend who does the same with her hair. There is noting wrong with having wavy hair & bangs
2c fine waves
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wish I had more curls
Also looking for suggestions & help

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