Texture Crisis - arggggghhh

The problem I have with my hair is that the canopy at the sides is really curly and the back less so with the underneath ringlety. I definately prefer ringlets to the wavy mess at the top and love big clumps

I have been thinking of ways to remedy it ie. curlers, braids etc etc. I dont want to use tongs.

So what should I do maybe twist the canopy into ringlets after products and before it dries, or pin it in places?? Is there a better way of applying products to create style?

Does anyone else have this problem?
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I used to have that problem, but now my canopy is a happier but my hair underneath is straighter.
The underneath likes less conditioner, the top likes more, they both like humidity but my left side likes less humidity than the right.

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I try to remember to condition the most where it likes it but usually if it all matches that means it's not humid and my curl is just looser all over. But at least it matches I guess.
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