desperate for new products!

For some reason, my hair has seemed to change within the last few weeks. It is curling up much more than usual! I don't know if my products stoppd working or what. Could it be the cold winter weather? I condition in the shower with Herbel essences None of your Frizzness. Then when I come out of the shower I use garnier fructis sleek and shine leave in conditioner, John Frieda's smoothing creme, Quidad climate control gel and John Frieda's frizz ease hair serum. I posted pics, the one on the left is how my hair always looked and the one on the right is more recent. It's really stressing me out that my hair changed. Does anyone know of any products that can weigh my hair down? Any advice at all is appreciated!
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Well, I have the OPPOSITE issues - lol! But I know there are several loosening products. I think Shea Moisture makes one, and maybe KC. And there's one from CHS that I've heard is good, too.
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