Winter hair help!!!

So in august i moved from warm humid hawaii to seattle wa, so when i moved it was hot weather so my hair was just fine. But now its january winters in full force i mean frost and everything we are in the 40's thats freezing!!
Anywho so i need Hair care advice i have 3c bsl hair thats been chemacly treated once and ha been hennad several times, i have recently been experiancing some breakage (mostly when styling) and my hair just feels different judging by how dry my skin feels i know my hairs suffering too so basicly i just need winter hair care info, im growing my hair out so i dont want the weather change to be a setback. Also is it okay to wear my hair out during the winter? cuz buns r my go to style (like everyday for th last 3 years) and prob are doing more harm then good.

Winter hair help!!!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1357423261.915494.jpg
Well I live in Toronto and we do get some pretty bad winters...not so much in the last couple of years but it can still get pretty cold.

I do more deep treatments and use more oils in the winter, I find it keeps my hair soft and moisturized. I also tend to make sure my hair is fully dry before going out because for some reasons going out with wet hair and having it dry in the frigid weather makes my hair feel less soft. I also use a bit more leave in conditioner in the winter.

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