Frizz product help

I have been following the CG method for quite some time (was introduced to it by an awesome stylist) but only recently discovered this website. I have been catching up reading all the great info on here!

I need some advice and wondering if anyone has any great ideas for me.

I have long 3a hair that is fine. I think I have normal porosity and low to average density. Anyways, we recently moved to Central America where it is verrrrry humid. (Like so humid that your sunglasses fog up when you leave your house!!) I am having a hard time figuring out how to adjust my routine and what products to use to avoid major frizz. Especially with my fine hair, I don't want to weigh it down with product!

Currently I cowash daily with Tresseme naturals. I rake through 2 big squirts of DevaCurl Angel (not my favorite product but what I have from the salon I go to--I am ready to try something new!) and plop with a t-shirt (new discovery from the awesome video on this website ). I also use DevaCurl set it free to help tame the frizz a little after it has air dried. Still, when I step outside... *Poof* Crazy frizz.

Any favorite products of frizz fighting tips? I am really open to trying anything! Thanks in advance, fellow curlies.
Harder hold gel and more protein are the usual recommendations for extremely high dew points. You might also want to try eliminating products with glycerin high in the ingredient list.

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I second the recommendation for protein. You also may want to "seal" your hair. You can search for information, there are a lot of threads about it. Essentially, you use a few drops of oil (my hair doesn't care for straight oil/butter, so I use a really rich product that contains them) and put it in either prior to, or directly after, leave in to seal in the moisture and keep your hair from absorbing moisture from the air.

I leave in Philly, in the summer my glasses fog up when I leave air conditioning, so I know about what you speak, LOL!
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Other than glycerin, you should also avoid pathenol, sorbitol and honey... especially in your leave in / styling products.

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Thank you for your help!

Kathymack, do you mind sharing what the product is you use to seal your hair? Would coconut oil be a good choice or do I just need to experiment?

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