So I'm starting to understand this dew point business. I guess I've never used any products with humectants that have much of an effect.

I finally received my DB Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream and it sort of works. My hair definitely feels soft, but it looks frizzier, especially after stepping outside. I read that algin absorbs water. Also the DB label says to use this on damp or dry hair and I only put products in dripping wet hair, so this product might not fit into my routine.

I'm going to try using it as a rinse out first.
Maybe I'll come back to it the summer and try again.
I'm not going to try it on dry hair, because I don't do anything to my hair dry.
If it fails as a RO and can only be used in the summer or on dry hair or if builds up (it doesn't feel as "clean" as the pumpkin seed conditioner) this may get regulated to the do not repurchase list.

This type of product might better suit people who don't normally do wash and gos though. Just a thought.

It makes me appreciate my SM Curl and Style Milk more though. Stands the test of PJ time that one. Also the Pumpkin Seed Conditioner makes a decent leave-in.

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