Help me figure out what is "wrong" with my hair! :)

I am trying to figure out what my hair type is and how I can make it look better. I currently think that i am a 2a. My hair is extremely dry and porous and I have a lot of hair. If i let it air dry is has a wave to it, but it is very frizzy and messy looking. I can dry it with a hairdryer and it is very straight but still looks dull and frizzy. My mother has always described it as "horse hair". The thing is, if i take a single strand and wet it, it curls up to resemble 3a or 3b. I know I have been doing my hair all wrong (currently I use head and shoulders shampoo/conditioner and I know it is KILLING my hair) so I am working on figuring this all out. Is there a way to get that 3a/3b curl into my hair, or is it just a fluke that it curls like that when in a single strand and wet?
Hard to say. What I can say is that finding the right products and techniques for your hair properties (texture, porosity, etc) will maximize your natural curl pattern, whatever that is. There's a thread in the 2s forum called "Share your hair biography," which would be a great place to look for people with similar properties and see what's working for them. It will at least give you a starting point.

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This sounds very similar to what I had most of my life.

First off, cut the sulfates and silicones (mainly because you are cutting sulfates). Head and Shoulders has like 2-3 really strong sulfates which completely strip your hair of any oil. Then likely it is picking up the moisture in the air around it creating frizz. If you have problems with flakes and dandruff look for a conditioner or low-poo with tea tree in it. It will help with the itching. Also in the transition off H&S you will itch A LOT (I know I did) so go to a drug store or Walmart and pick up scalpcin to cut the itch. You will likely have to scrub at your scalp so you might want to invest in a scalp brush as well. You're right that H&S is downright KILLING your hair and let me tell you it is a long road to fix it. Grab a low-poo, 2-3 conditioners, and a deep conditioner. Deep condition your hair at least once a week, preferably twice. This may sound like a lot but you are using H&S which is very very harsh. I cannot stress how harsh it is on your hair. As for products figure out your porosity and density... and look for people with similar properties. Hair biography thread in the 2's forum is really helpful.

Where do you live? Is it very humid like a swamp? Is it very dry like a desert? Check out the frizz forecast here on it will help you pick products. You may need to cut glycerin out of your hair products depending on where you live. Basically cut it out if frizz forecast tells you to use anti-humectants a lot. (Read up on this debate..)

There is a lot that goes into it but first stop using H&S ASAP. As for the curl pattern it may or may not happen. I noticed as my hair gets healthier it gets more curly. That may or may not happen for you but at the least cutting the sulfates and moisturizing your hair will reduce the frizz.
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Still experimenting.. but I like to use up my products.
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