Bobeam oatmeal shampoo bar- didn't work for me

I read all the great reviews but this left my roots very oily. While I was shampooing, it was rough feeling, very dry.

Am I the only one?
So it left your hair dry and roots oily, bummer. Bobeam are the only poo bars that I like.

Good news, is you can use it for a great body spa treatment.
I tried to find the ingredients for your bar, but couldn't. Many soap/shampoo bars contain castor oil. The one, and only, time I used a CV bar, it left my hair dry and tangled. Only time my hair tangles is when I use an ingredient it doesn't like. That's the first way I found out my hair doesn't like castor oil.

I don't purchase soap bars that contain castor oil to use on skin, either. For us, they just aren't as moisturizing as bars that don't contain it. DH used to change from Safeguard to Dove in the winter because of dry, itchy skin. Even he notices how much better his skin feels with the cold processed soaps. He's used them for the last five years and never changed back to commercial soap.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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