Top of my head.....

Why is the top of my head always super frizzy????? What can I use to stop it? My hair is between a 2c and 3a I think.

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If you wash you hair in the shower, especially hot ones, it can be because the hot water (which is not good for retaining moisture in hair) is running down on the top of your hair releasing any moisture you may have put into it while showering. A good method is to rinse conditioner out of your hair upside down (possibly in the sink) with medium to cool water (cool water locks in moisture) hope this helps!(:
Generally, the canopy is more damaged because it's "exposed."

Your hair is coarse, but porous. It may need protein, but you'll need to be careful about finding ones it likes. Since you're porous, you're hair looses moisture--so you need to use products that provide a lot of moisture and do frequent DTs.

Be careful when applying your products. Make sure you are getting them distributed all over. I slather each layer, of product, on my canopy, then bend over and slather it on the under layers. Then, I gently finger comb it in and scrunch.
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