So I tried EcoStyler..

And it was an epic disaster. I love the consistency of it and all, but over TN (I used that as my leave-in), it was just... no.
It formed this awful (thick!) blue-ish white gunk on my hair. Considering that I know of several other curlies that I have used TN and Eco in combination, I'm guessing this reaction is based on my low porosity.

To other low-porosity curlies: What do you use with Eco?

To anyone: Any other combinations to try would be helpful. I'm thinking of trying SM Curl Smoothie next, simply because I need to get rid of the stuff...
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The only eco I've been able to use with TN is eco argon oil. It works beautifully. I use the olive oil one with Paul Mitchell The Conditioner.. HTH
Girl I thought I was the only one! I also have a lover porosity hair and I found the Eco styler gel just isn't my thing.. And whenever doing a leave in useing something extra moisturizing always helps me out a great deal.

The past four days I've been using the SM curl enhancing smoothie as a wash and go styler as well as by itself as a twist out, and my hair LOVES it! It literally drinks up the product like a smoothie and it super soft manageable and healthy! Hope this helps, oh and btw my hair is 3c with low porosity
Might as well have used cement. Eco Styler and I - ugh. Had an open mind and heart - tried it twice. ... But I'm glad it's such a hit with many others.

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I'm a little bit of lite porosity and I didn't like the Olive oil Ecostyler gel. I gave it to my daughter hoping she'd like it. It did make my hairline super smooth but its waaay too thick. I'm sticking with my Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic jelly and the AO b5 gel.

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LEAVE-IN:Nature's Nectars luv-n-a-bottle, Natures Gate pomegranate sunflower
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And here I thought there was something wrong with my 3C curls! I believe my hair is medium-porosity and so I tried the EcoStyler Olive Oil because it's inexpensive and I heard such great reviews.

Well, it doesn't matter whether I use it with the SM Curl Smoothie or a liquid conditioner (like my favorites, Renpure Argan or Tresemme Naturals), this gel will pretty much turn ANYTHING into paste.

The paste is difficult to distribute, except when I use the Denman brush. If I use a small amount, it doesn't do anything; no shine, no definition, no frizz-control, no tangle-control, no poof-control, no nothing.

I tried to use more and all I was got was a head full of flakes (eek!). Second day hair was OK, but by day three, my hair is a giant, dried-out, frizzy poof!

I don't know why I wasted $4... Lesson learned.

Anyway, I'm back to my (now Holy Grail) Biotera Styling Gel. (I also love the Kinky-Curly Curling Custard, but it's too expensive for my budget). These get along well with every conditioner I've tried and my curls always look beautiful!

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Eco argan is my fav. I do not have low porosity hair, but I also got that gunky stuff in my hair after the combo. I found that SM curl enhancing smoothie works better under it.

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