Help! The weather is ruining my hair!

Hi, I'm a college freshman, and the university I go to is on the west coast and about only a mile from the beach. This means that the weather changes often here! The day can start clear and sunny, but by the afternoon heavy mists come in, and the moisture in the air is so thick you can feel it on your skin. This wreaks havoc on my hair!! My usually well defined curls swell to almost 3x their size and look poofy and undefined. I don't know what products to use in this weather!
Currently I'm using tresemme naturals as my conditioner and a little bit of it for LI... I then use beyond the zone noodle head mousse.
I have fine, low porosity 3b hair that is protein sensitive...please help me out! I don't want to look like a poodle in all my new classes this semester! haha
I could be wrong, but something tells me you'll never completely be able to "keep the moist air out" of your hair. But things that might help, barring a move inland ...

First, keeping your hair well moisturized, which may start with a LI (if you aren't already using one). It may seem counter-intuitive, but the more moist your hair is to begin with, the less likely your hair will absorb moisture from the air.

That said, using conditioners and styling products w/ anti-humectant agents should help.

Honey is one. FSG is another. Things that contain glycerin. Certain oils like palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil or hydrogenated castor oil. Shea butter also acts as a humectant, as does beeswax. You could experiment with those. This may or may not work alone or under a gel like BRHG. I use JOICO Joigel firm, but I'm not sure it will have a firm enough hold for your purposes in that weather ... but it might. You could experiment w/just a LI plus one of the many brands of gels first.

Since, as you've said, West Coast weather can mean too much humidity part of the day PLUS arid conditions the rest of it, you might have to play w/these products a little to balance everything out. I find some of the natural oils seem to work in both extremes, esp. coconut oil, which may or may not prove to heavy for your hair. ... You could also wear a loosely hooded jacket or coat at times. It's not glamorous but the hood can keep some of the weather out of your hair when you're roaming from class to class.

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