This post is dangerous because it makes me want to get a haircut. I have to keep reminding myself short hair is expensive to maintain. (My hair grows fast and the stylist I like isn't so cheap.) But I love the look Corrina! So jealous.
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Though I'd just wuss out - I've talked about doing it for years. I know if I did it I'd probably immediately start re-growing it, even if I liked it, simply bc I'm too busy/poor to get it cut often enough to maintain it! Lol!
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Yes, Jas. Story of my life. I look cute with short hair but in my experience is it expensive to maintain. It seems to happen overnight too. Six weeks post cut your hair turns to mush. I mean bush. Mush bush. Oh you know what I mean. Then again it is so much easier to style and it takes so much less time to dry that I probably would save money on products and save time with fuss. . . . I told you this thread was dangerous! CORRINA! (Shakes fist in air.)