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I love freckles. When I was a kid I never understood women who tried to cover them up with makeup.

Yeah I stick with "lighter" conditioners, because if anything builds up on my hair it gets drier and my hair hates takes weeks to recover.
I just tried this.

I used the co-wash conditioner as a sort of sulfate-free conditioner, and followed up with Aussie's moist conditioner, and then sealed with a coconut oil mixture. :]

It didn't feel dry or anything.

So, I think if you want to try it you should. It doesn't hurt to definitely know what works and doesn't work in your hair through experimentation.
I haven't seen that before but I'd try it....I bet I won't be able to find it in Toronto though.
Originally Posted by Ericachristina
Hello, I found it at Walmart.
Pantene has a history of packaging the same ingredients in different "formulas" - but if you check, all the ingredients are the same. And, they come out with "new" lines, which are just the old lines, repackaged. I guess truth in advertising does not apply here.
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The absolute worse. A waste of money in my opinion. It dried my hair out so bad, which I didn't have this problem with pantene natural/relaxed products before. I would stay away from this.
I probably wouldn't ever try it because I just never found anything by Pantene that I ever liked, even before I went modified CG.
Originally Posted by WurlyLox
+1 this will probably build-up on my hair and scalp. I have never had success with anything from Pantene.

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Originally Posted by adthomas
Yeah. I noticed they have "Truly Relaxed" and "Truly Natural" lines now.


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Originally Posted by BlackAngelPlayah
LOL!!! I find the name "Truly Relaxed" hilarious. As opposed to what? Fake Relaxed. LOL!!

This makes me suspect they took the same products from R&N and put it in two different packaging bottles and telling us it is something new. I would like to compare the shampoo and conditioner ingredients for Truly Natural and Truly Relaxed and see if they are Truly The Same and if Pantene is trying to play us as Truly Stupid.
Originally Posted by adthomas
Yep. That's what's up.
Ok. I looked at the conditioners in both lines and the ingredients are identical. The cowash is no different. There are 2 ingredients that are changed around a bit but still the same.

This stuff is the same old ****, just different marketing.

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