CG for my kids w/ straight hair??

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So I have been sulfate free for a long time, CG for now 7mths.

Would do you think about going CG on kids with straight hair?? My oldest seems to have coarse hair. My youngest has fine hair like me.

What routine would your recommend?? I am sure they would need to lo-poo every once in a while.

oh, the girls are 8 and 4.
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Currently dealing with learning how to style shorter wavy hair...
Can't see why not. I am CG whether or not I style my hair. And in the winter, I probably only style my hair once every few weeks!
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Definitely worth a try. Worst case scenario, you try it and it doesn't work out, in which case, it's easy enough to go back to your old routine.

This isn't a kiddo, but if you want some real world experience, a friend of mine with straight hair recently went mod-CG. She has fine hair that's easily weighed down and had been using shampoo /conditioner, terry cloth toweling, air drying till damp, then blow drying the rest of the way with a round brush (otherwise some ends would flip out). It never looked frizzy or dry, but she was considering splurging on Wen because it was starting to feel sorta rough, like she was doing a number on it with the daily shampoo and blow drying.

I suggested she try Ren cleansing conditioner or perhaps Renpure's Brazilian Keratin Straightening line. She ended up grabbing both of the Ren varieties, plus the Brazilian Keratin shampoo /condish, and the first try with the Ren left her with gunky feeling roots but better feeling hair. After explaining it's the scrub, not the suds that clean the scalp, the gunky feeling disappeared when she paid more attention to a good scalp scrub and a really thorough rinse. Her hair felt better and better until a week or so in, when she hit a bit of protein overload, so she's incorporated Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine and just tried Garnier's new Hydra Recharge conditioner. Now she rotates moisture /protein depending on how her hair feels when she wets it.

She's been mod-CG for a couple months now, and other than the products she uses, her routine is the same as it was before. She says her hair feels much better now though, and she gets more compliments on it as well.
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CG not just good for the hair, it's good for the scalp too! I say go for it. I'd look to a lot of the 2 type curlies for recs though.
My kids are older (11 and 14) and do have curly hair. I found out about CG, but I was concerned about them scrubbing enough if they just co-washed. So I put them on sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner- figured it was similar to their old routine but healthier. My 14 year old who had been having issues with oily scalp is no longer oily. I think it would be good for anyone!

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