My curls won't come back :(

In November, I flat ironed my hair at a salon. I rarely use flat irons....probably flat ironed my hair 7 times in 2012. I had it done professionally and it was great! When I washed my hair, there was a small section that was still pin straight. I didn't panic because I thought it would come back after another wash / deep condition. It didn't!

Now it's January, and that part of my hair is still straight...if I scrunch it, it might turn wavy. I have also been experiencing some breakage as well...just on that section. Styling my hair has been a nightmare because the rest of my curls are fine except that small section, so my curly hair comes to my shoulder and hanging are several strands of my straight hair a couple inches past my shoulders.

I thought about cutting it off...just because it is going to break off anyway. Plus, those straight strands are in a section of my hair right behind the ear, and maybe it wouldn't be too noticable.

I realized now that even though I was always careful when I flat ironed my hair...that one time...that small piece of my hair got heat damage.

Anyone have any advice...any products that could help?? or should I just cut it off? I talked to my hair stylist and she said that the breakage is due to the two textures since my roots are curly and the rest of the hair is still pin straight.
Il do what i can to help!!
heat damage does, in fact, take away curls. DO cut off the damaged ends and get layers so the cut parts blend in
This video talks about recovering from heat damage
Curly Hair Update: Heat Damage + Recovery & New Hair Cut - YouTube
Also, don't use products with too much hold since they will just emphasize the bad texture you're experiencing at the moment, try a good leave in instead (not one with silicones that just covers the damage, but one that heals it) I hear shea moisture is good
Finally, try flexi-rod sets or braids to remind your hair of what it used to do dont have to do the whole hair, just the trouble parts
You say you've washed your hair, but not what you've used to wash it. If you haven't done a silicone-free sulfate clarification, it's possible that may help, though it's quite possible that you hair sustained damage which will need to be grown and cut out. Try using J&J Baby Shampoo or one of the Suave Naturals or VO5 Herbal Essences shampoos once (if it's going to help, that's all it should need). However, if the hairdresser missed that section when applying heat protectant, or used a high setting on the flat iron and that section got subjected to 320F or above, your hair may have melted into that formation.

Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
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I lost my curls as well, but it was after I dyed my hair. I started a blog about my hair journey back to my curly hair...please follow & subscribe, I blog almost every other day w/ new tips, product reviews, results, opinions, ideas, etc. & there's more to come. I'm hoping that my blog will help other curly haired queens get back to healthy, natural curls!

Check it out:

So far I have positive results w/ some products that i'm using in my curls, hopefully my blog helps you too!

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