If you use cones in your shampoo and condish, are you not just sealing OUT moisture?

If you use a shampoo and conditioner with silicone which coats and seals the hair shaft, wouldent that be locking OUT moisture and make leave ins and sealing with oils ineffective? same question for shampoos and conditioners with oils.

i was wondering because it seems no matter what I do, any mositure i put on my ends just evaporates even when i use proper sealing oil. I am starting to think my curls hate oil, lol

What do you think?Am I missing something?

What are some low protein/oil conditioners with no cones that i can get at a drugstore?

I'm curious to know what people think about this too, I dont think all silicones are terrible and I use conditioners with and without silicones. Personally I don't have an issue with not getting enough moisture in fact when I co-wash often with a conditioner that may contain silicones my hair stays very soft and I never get any build up, dryness or breakage from them. When I use a conditioner without silicones my hair looks and behaves the exact same way and usually my sulfate free shampoo works well enough to thoroughly clean my hair when I need to use it which isn't very often now.

When I shop for conditioner I buy ones that work for my hair regardless of silicones and my hair is even more moisturized when I use conditioner more often. Sulfates may dry out my hair and I stay away from them but conditioners with silicones never makes my hair dry and personally I don't think they all lock out moisture.If I use leave ins or oils afterwards my hair just reacts even better...but everyone's hair is different.

Maybe the oil you are using just isn't great for your hair? I know my hair hates olive oil but loves most other oils.

I like the Giovanni deep moisture conditioner and I think it is cone free but I think it contains protein not sure how much.

Maybe you should try doing more deep treatments if you need more moisture, that seems to do wonders for my hair.

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