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Curlee'smom 01-16-2013 09:15 PM

My hair and humidity...
I've been very frustrated with how my hair behaves on rainy days. I posted asking about dew points before, but I still can't figure out how to fix my issue. I am dense. I was a tiny bit rushed this morning so that could have contributed to my problem. But this is fairly typical. My hair likes hard hold gels and I used a bit extra ecostyler to see if that would help. I think it was the wrong thing to do. I've also been trying the mineral oil thing so maybe I should have skipped that this morning?

My dd always develops frizz. My hair goes limp...although I had one area that acted like I had messed with it while wet. If it actually gets wet, it usually dries much more curly.

Here's a link to four photos.
This is day 1 hair....I can go a number of days without washing, but this would look more like day 3 hair. Also, even if my hair looked like this on day 3, I would still have spiraling on the sides. It does need a good cut, but I'm trying to hold off until I can do a Deva cut hoping it will help my straighter areas.

I find this almost as frustrating when I thought I had more straight hair and fought with my wave forever to get it styled just right and as soon as I walked out the door, it was a mess.

Rainy day hair Photos by 7mommy | Photobucket

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