Mariah Carey's hair

I'm watching American Idol right now and I'm wondering what Mariah's hair would look like if she followed the curly girl method...I wonder that about a lot of people's hair now, lol...
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I remember seeing her with curly hair on one of her old album covers when I was a kid and she looked great. I'm not sure if it was her natural curls but they looked like they could be. Mariah is great but sometimes when she flat irons her hair pin straight it looks very flat, dull and not very healthy or flattering in my opinion...sometimes she could use a bit more volume.
I loved her curly hair back in the day! Nicole Kidman too. She had very curly hair in the beginning of her career. If you every see those celebrity before/after articles their original curls are always the "before"
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I'm pretty sure her lovely 90s curls were natural because her #1 Hits album has a cute picture of her as a child on the the back and her hair looks the same. The light blondish brown with 3b curls. It's up though so I can't be 100% sure.
MC's hair on the cover of her first album "Mariah Carey" was my dream hair as a child. I wanted to look just like her and didn't understand why my curls were so frizzy. She's still very pretty now with her loose waves but I miss her curls too.

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