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Houseofcurls 01-17-2013 10:08 PM

Knots and snarls!!
My hair is crazy. I cannot finger detangle my hair to save my life. It seems as though it's not conditioned enough, but I am sure it is. I'm wondering if anyone can sort of help me pinpoint where or how I might get them out, without ruining my fragile curls. Is it OK to use a comb at some point? a fine tooth one? because I am not getting it out with my wide tooth comb.
My routine is as follows...
Spray with water and squirt of TJ's Tea Tree Tingle con dish. It's mixed in a psray bottle. I dampen hair, smooth Tresemee over it it (the 2/3 at the end, not roots). I cowash with TJ's TTT con dish, try and finger comb when it's in, rinse out (cold water). I con dish with SM gold label conditioner (HG!). I rinse in cold. I do all of this upside down, outside of the shower. If I am in the showe, even bent over, it doesn't turn out. I do not know why! lol!
So, then I put in FSG, SM smoothie, plop for 20 mins. add come KCCC and diffuse and voila. But still, the tangles, you can sorta see them in the pic.
I also wonder am I using too much conditioner? Like, is that a lot?! It seems like it!

Sandi 01-19-2013 02:05 AM

Have you tried eliminating the up-side down nature of your styling (if the tangling is occurring during the day?)? If you need volume, you can add it after the hair dries.

Also, if your hair has a lot of knots after sleeping on it, you might want to change your sleeping arrangements.

On another note, some products just give me horrid tangles and knots even though my hair looks good. (Your hair looks great, by the way).

For example, I used to leave a little TJ Balancing Moisture in my hair to preserve the clumps, but I got these disastrous tangles that would not disappear.

Aqua_Lily 01-19-2013 02:14 AM

Try sleeping with a silk pillowcase! Satin is also good but silk is better. Heard raving reviews, silk is so smooth that you get the least possible tangles over night.

Also, for detangling I recommend Kinky Curly Knot Today. I no longer use it as a leave in but whenever I have bad tangles I simply apply some KCKT in the shower and detangling becomes magically easy. Seriously, it's amazing stuff for detangling.

Houseofcurls 01-19-2013 11:31 AM

Ok, I just got a satin one and it is helping for sure! I bought the Shea Mousture gold label condish recently and it seems that the more times I've used it, the snarls and knots are gone. Way better!

Jas76 01-19-2013 07:48 PM

Yay! Great suggestions on here, and it sounds like its working!

I think we talked on another thread about combing in the shower - if I'm really tangly, I'll actually let the water pour down over my hair (filled with condish, of course!) as I use a wide tooth comb. Then I hit it with the fine tooth, and the rest I think we've already been through.

Have you tried GVPCB? That helps me a lot. Also if I find I'm particularly tangly I know it's time for a PT!

Houseofcurls 01-19-2013 10:50 PM

Jas what is the GV...? what does that stand for?
Maybe I need a protein treatment, I can do that tomorrow for sure. I combed through the con dish today with a regular comb and it's better. You should see my hair, its the best. DH even noticed it and said it looked better lately. :toothy8: GO ME!

Jas76 01-19-2013 11:42 PM

Wow! If the DH is noticing, you KNOW there's improvement! Lol!

Sorry - GVP Conditioning Balm, available at Sally's. ;)

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