weird white stuff in hair with devacurl products?

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its only day 3 of using deva curl stuff (no-poo, one conditioner and gel) and only my third week of going CG. I'm still fiddling around with a routine, but I noticed something odd in the shower just now...

So I did my no-poo, my conditioner, rinsed, yada yada. Had my head flipped over and had just put in a little more condish as a leave in and had scrunched out the super drippiness. When I started scrunching in my gel, I noticed weird little white balls of... hell I dont know. conditioner? residue? what-have-you, on the ends of my curls when I scrunched. Did I do something weird to cause this, do you think? Perhaps my hair was too wet with too much conditioner left in when I started to put in the gel? I have no idea! I ignored it and put in the rest of my gel, and i'm just hoping when it dries and I SOTC there isn't any white fluff all over my head!

I don't know if it matters, but i'm med porosity, med/high density, fine width, med length.

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Build-up, probably. DevaCurl, from what I understand is fairly moisturizing with a good dose of protein. If your hair has had its fill of moisture/protein, it will start to repel the product, rather than absorb it, except your hair is high porosity (which absorbs practically anything).

How often do you go through these steps?

While I haven't used DevaCurl personally, my low porosity hair repels a lot of things, and a lot of gels and conditioners just don't mix on my hair. I get the white-ish effect when I use too much of a thicker product.

To answer your question directly about the product: I don't think it's because you're putting in too much product at a time. Also, my advice is based on the assumption that this white ball business has not occurred before.
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Generally white balls aren't your fault. More than likely it's products you're using having a bad reaction to one another.
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My guess would be it was conditioner. It should have blended when you scrunched with your towel.
Thanks for the quick replies everyone. I scrunched my leave-in conditioner in while still in the shower with my hands, and maybe I just didn't get it in good enough and it was sitting on top when I put the gel in. my curls came out alright and I haven't noticed anything on them after they dried. And no, it hasn't happened before, at least that i've noticed.

On a side note on the devacurl stuff, I do like it so far, my hair seems to love the conditioner, although I have noticed I have a bit more frizz than usual once its dried using their gel. I'm getting full spiraling now (whereas before the most I ever got was thin-clumping lazy S waves, however the spirals are fairly loose and will fall if I touch em too much. Hoping thats a good sign of things to come!
Which gel are you using? I found the Light Defining Gel just didn't have enough hold. Ultra Defining Gel is one of my favorites.

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Which gel are you using? I found the Light Defining Gel just didn't have enough hold. Ultra Defining Gel is one of my favorites.
Originally Posted by Corrina777

I agree on the ultra defining gel. I love that gel. I find if I add enough it does control the frizz and allows me to diffuse my hair without it getting frizzy after.
My Deva stylist told me to try scrunching my conditioner into my hair to actually get the conditioner in.
yah I think I have the regular gel (she said its whichever one used to be arc angell) but i'm about to head to work and dont wanna run upstairs to check

I may screw around with it and see it I just need to use more of that gel, or switch back to my la look sport one day and see if there's any difference. I generally scrunch my conditioner into my hair and leave it while I do other stuff, and my hair likes it much better if I don't rinse it out all the way. Then I put a teeny bit more in my ends, and I think thats the part that caused the weirdness. Between adding more products and not wanting to over-touch my curls, I probably just didn't get it in very well before adding the gel.
Makes me wish i'd started wearing my hair curly a long time ago so i'd know wtf i'm doing

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